Battle of Galvaston
Living History and especially Civil War Reenacting has become a rapidly growing individual and family hobby.  Reasons given for participating in such activities vary. Some participants are interested in getting a historical perspective on the turbulent times that gripped the nation, particularly if they can trace their ancestry back to those who fought in the war. Others participate merely for the escapism that such events offer.   Civil War Reenactment means spending the better part of the day in the great outdoors. If you or your family already enjoys camping and the outdoor life, or are willing to give those things a try, then Civil War Reenacting can get you involved in outdoor living in a whole new way and likely introduce you to some very unique camping and hiking locations.  Reenactors enjoy a camaraderie with fellow reenactors from around the Country,  and even around the world be they portraying  either Northern or Southern ladies and soldiers.

It is an opportunity to learn history in an entirely new way, from the inside out. You and/ or your family will quickly discover that finding out about the Vicotorian Age and its historical events need not always come from reading a dry textbook. Getting out and recreating what once happened in our own country puts life into the history that surrounds the American Civil War in general but also can create a more lively interest in other historical events.  Civil War reenacting gives you the opportunity to relive "first hand" some of the actual experiences that those brave souls of the War of the Rebellion lived through, and develop an appreciation for what  they fought and even died for.

Civil War reenacting allows you to bring honour to those brave men and women who helped to shape our country and make Her the  Nation she is  today.  Reenacting helps keep their gallant memory alive by telling their stories.