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The 20th Texas Calvary (Dismounted) aka Twentieth Regiment Texas Volunteers has membership located throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. The The 20th Texas Calvary (Dismounted) fought  in many battles as mounted cavalry until November, 1862 when they were ordered to "dismount" and fill in the ranks of needed infantry. They were also known as Bass's Regiment.

The 20th Texas Calvary (Dismounted) portrays  soldiers from Texas,Oklahoma and Louisiana fighting in the Trans-Mississippi Western theater during the American Civil War.

For those not wishing to serve directly within the infantry, we readily seek members who want to portray a supporting elements of the 20th Texas Calvary (Dismounted). These elements may include medical, commissary,  quartermaster, and civilian group will provide anyone wishing to be a part of history a chance to step back in time.

There will be a $10.00  fee for military enlistment ,  families of 3 or more is  $20.00, and single civilians is $5.00  to help support the cost of our expenses.  You will be expected to equip yourself appropriatelly within a year of military enlistment by either purchasing the equipment we provide for you or going out on your own and obtaining said equipment.   We know this can get expensive especially if you need to outfit a whole family, but we have ladies in our group who do sewing and are more then happy to help you out.

We would love for you to come and join us as an active member or just as a friend.